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Creation of a noted international festival with the most relevant musical trends and works of the world's strongest media artist’s teams.

World famous Djs and musicians, light and laser installations, full-scale video-mapping, art objects, workshops in a unique location – an environmentally friendly sandy quarry in the Estonian settlement of Rummu, near Tallinn.

When we first stepped upon the gravel of the former limestone quarry of Rummu, we couldn´t help but to compare the stark geology of the place to that of the moon. The moon is not only our satellite, it´s also the easiest body in the solar system to observe with the naked eye. We gaze upon it every cloudless night and it fills us with a sense of wonder and mystery. Indeed, people have wondered about the dark and light spots on the surface of the moon throughout history.

What caused these strange features? What is it made of? The moon’s surface is covered with dead volcanoes, impact craters, and lava flows, some visible even to the unaided stargazer. Like Rummu, it´s filled with scars of its past. And together at Moonland festival we are embarking on an adventure where the environment is both the stage and the protagonist. Moonland is set to inaugurate it´s very first edition at the historical Rummu quarry and former prison, not far from Estonia´s capital Tallin – the best preserved medieval city in Europe and one of its hidden treasures according to the prestigious Lonely Planet guide.

When we first stepped upon the gravel of the former limestone quarry of Rummu, we couldn´t help but to compare the stark geology of the place to that of the moon.

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 Moonland Festival Rummu Estonia
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Lighting and sound systems will be taken to another level this summer as Moonland festival takes place in Estonia. This August brings festival lovers all over the world to Estonia to awe them with the first ever electronic music and state of the art and lighting festival – Moonland. Festival takes place on six stages where over thirty foreign performers are expected to participate. In addition, the best Estonian electronic music artists will be expected to perform. For the first time in Estonia the emphasis will be on world-class light show by a team of international specialists in leading-edge Multimedia Shows, VR, Light and Choreographic Performances, 3D Projection Mapping, Stage Designs and Interactive Projects.

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The festival will be held in the beautiful Rummu quarry in between robust prison walls which is one of the Unesco World Heritage Sites. Visitors are invited to the festival from both Estonia and foreign countries. The organizers promise a ground breaking 3 day and night experience between and outside of prison walls.

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 Moonland Festival Rummu Estonia

The site is surrounded by lush nature in the country that is considered to have the cleanest air in the European Union, add to that castles and ancient Teutonic monasteries and you get the picture of what a magnificent setting for a festival this is.

Moonland as a concept speaks to us as a tribute to the arid landscape created by time and human strife. Conquered by the love of music and our fellow humankind.


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[wvc_team_member img_size=“thumbnail“ name=“Alexander US“ role=“CEO Studio Sila Sveta“ tagline=“Co-founder and creative director of interactive media production studio Sila Sveta with Moscow and Los Angeles based teams of international specialists in the field of digitally immersive experiences. Made special shows for Samsung, Lamborghini, Panasonic USA, ASUS, Lexus, Met Gala, Signal and Day for Night Festivals and many other brands.“ image_id=“5049″ css_animation=“fadeInUp“]
[wvc_team_member img_size=“thumbnail“ name=“Natasha Abelle“ role=“Promoter“ tagline=“Moscow and Berlin based club promoter and ideologist of promo-team and label of electronic music Arma17 with more than 10 years professional experience. Responsible for Outline Festivals in Moscow, labelnights in Berlin, Istanbul, Kiev, Vilnius, Ibiza, Vietnam.“ image_id=“5049″ css=“.vc_custom_1519914559433{padding-top: 0px !important;padding-right: 0px !important;padding-bottom: 0px !important;padding-left: 0px !important;}“ css_animation=“fadeInUp“]
[wvc_team_member img_size=“thumbnail“ name=“Ulrike Schönfeld“ role=“Booking Manager“ tagline=“Booking manager and expert in artist bookings and management since 2006. Took part in the Italian record label Life and Death, Spun Out Agency London, Curation of Space of Sound Festival, Medusa Beach Festival & Klubbers Day Spain, Stockholm Love Affair Festival, Fotografiska Stockholm, Into The Valley Sweden, Into The Valley Estonia.
“ image_id=“5049″ css_animation=“fadeInUp“]
[wvc_team_member img_size=“thumbnail“ name=“Eugene Mashkov“ role=“Promoter“ tagline=“Moscow based club promoter with a passion for underground electronic music. Responsible for label and parties under the brand System 108. Also a creative producer of media artists team True Light Crew. Responsible for regular big night events TEST in Moscow and techno stage of Alfa Future People in Nizhniy Novgorod.“ image_id=“5049″ css_animation=“fadeInUp“]
[wvc_team_member img_size=“thumbnail“ name=“Soufiane Tirari“ role=“Managing Director“ image_id=“5049″ css_animation=“fadeInUp“ tagline=“Logistics and general office management.“]
[wvc_team_member img_size=“thumbnail“ name=“Pavel Bocharov“ role=“Estonian Team Leader“ tagline=“Internationaly recognized general manager of hotels and private residences with great experience in hospitality, marketing and private events.“ image_id=“5049″ css_animation=“fadeInUp“]
[wvc_team_member img_size=“thumbnail“ name=“Cecilia H. Doldan“ role=“PR Senior Expert“ tagline=“International press & PR senior expert. Content writer and editor. Worked as artistic director for City Hall, Otto Zutz and Bugged Out! at Razzmatazz in Barcelona. Has worked with the most diverse artists and festivals.“ image_id=“5049″ css_animation=“fadeInUp“]
[wvc_team_member img_size=“thumbnail“ name=“Artur Lääts & Nechaev“ tagline=“Organizers of Estonian clubs and underground electronic music festivals, involved in local music industry. Experts in production, conceptional work, local law and authorities.“ image_id=“5049″ css_animation=“fadeInUp“ role=“Local Heroes“]
[wvc_team_member img_size=“thumbnail“ name=“Tom de Graeve“ role=“Art Director“ image_id=“5049″ css_animation=“fadeInUp“ tagline=““An artist called Tom” is a freelance designer and art director, with offices in Brussels, Lisbon, the Hague and Istanbul. Twenty years of experience have allowed him to hone his distinctive style across a wide range of media.“]
[wvc_team_member img_size=“thumbnail“ name=“Hall & Mürk“ role=“Production“ image_id=“5049″ css_animation=“fadeInUp“ tagline=“Platform offering a stage to electronic music and visual arts, introducing Eastern European underdogs to the world.
The place where you can experience the ultimate freedom and be yourself.. creatures of the night.“]
[wvc_team_member img_size=“thumbnail“ name=“Andrey Nechaev“ tagline=“Local production and care online and offline.“ image_id=“5049″ css_animation=“fadeInUp“ role=“Local Production Manager“]
[wvc_team_member img_size=“thumbnail“ name=“Elias Paurnfeindt Eyss“ role=“Creative Director“ image_id=“5049″ css_animation=“fadeInUp“ tagline=“With an extensive background and experience in art direction, graphic and fashion projects, always had a specific vision for the project beeing engaged in. „]
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